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5 Benefits of A Wireless Credit Terminal For Your Business

What’s the main reason why your business could benefit from a wireless credit terminal? In most cases, the answer will be about being able to better serve customers who checkout with a credit or debit card. If that was your answer, you’re absolutely correct. 

Chances are that the overwhelming majority of your sales are paid for with a credit or debit card. Even if you do have a higher percentage of cash sales, credit and debit card customers tend to spend more. So why not make it as convenient as possible for customers to buy from you with a wireless credit terminal?

But, while convenience for the customer is an important benefit, it’s by far not the only one. Also known as a wireless payment terminal, a point of sale (POS) terminal and credit card terminal, these machines are truly the ‘point of sale”. And making that critical moment as smooth and efficient as possible delivers many benefits.

Faster Checkouts

Without being tethered by a cable, wireless POS terminals are easier for sales staff and customers toi handle. Even small savings in time and frustration with each sale can result in significant improvements in the overall customer experience of your business.

Multiple Terminals

One of the reasons you may not already use wireless terminals is the perception of cost. Not only are wireless terminals probably a smaller investment than you think, but it’s easier to add more than one terminal. In other words, you can double or triple your numbers of transactions you can process at once without a matching increase in costs.

Fewer Lineups at Checkout

How do you feel when you’re shopping and you end up at the end of a long lineup to check out? Wireless POS terminals lower the chance of your customers feeling that way about your business.

Less Stress

Lineups and longer checkout times do more damage than just frustrating customers. They can increase the chance of having to deal with complaints and customers leaving without making a purchase. Those complaints not only stress the customer, but your staff too. And lost sales are a stress on the entire business.

Make Sales Anywhere

Wireless credit card terminals free-up sales staff to make sales anywhere in your store. And if your business needs to make sales remotely, like at trade shows or at the customer’s home or place of business, they do that too. 

As mentioned, wireless credit terminals are probably less expensive than you think. And, with all the benefits they offer, it might cost your business more to not take advantage of them.

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