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Supplementary Services

Proven Solutions; Technical Support by experts. These services round out our suite of offerings and are available to enhance your customer experience.

Even with best-in-class IT strategies, systems, installation, implementation, training and support, you need more. You want to know that your solutions are researched, tested and suitable to your purposes, and that your issues will be solved — to your specifications or better.

The BFG Centre of Excellence

Unique to BFG, our Centre of Excellence (COE) gives you access to a superior group of technical specialists, who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise, to support your projects requiring innovative technical configurations and design, technical configuration of devices, and the design of any virtual environment.

COE Services

  • Technical design consulting, and configurations of servers and devices
  • High-level solution assessments to inform early business decisions
  • Interface with hardware vendors for product evaluation to ensure the right solution for our customers
  • Dedicated Testing labs customized for each customer’s needs and requirements
  • Bilingual technical knowledge for our field and on-site technicians on a 24/7 basis
  • Staging, configurations, and quality assurance for all technology solutions being deployed, upgraded, or replaced.
  • Remote monitoring and software version releases and patching services
  • Technical documentation oversees the creation of service manuals, service bulletins, and training videos related to each customer's hardware.
  • Logistics and warehouse support. Provided for all our support operations to ensure timely and accurate deliveries of required devices and parts.

BFG Call Dispatch

The BFG Call Dispatch team is the hub for expediting service incidents. Incoming support calls are triaged to ensure all necessary information has been captured. Our team engages the closest appropriate support technician to remedy the issue. Dispatch receives, monitors and ensures the customer issue is resolved with best practises within the expected timeframe.

Call Dispatch Features

  • Bilingual agents, available 24/7.
  • ITIL-based incident management using the latest tools.
  • GPS Tracking of Field Service vehicles.
  • Afterhours location and dispatch of on-site personnel as needed.
  • All customer escalations.

BFG Service Desk (ITIL)

The BFG Service Desk is dedicated to improving your experience through seamless service delivery. We manage your SLA’s, solve issues, and communicate with you regarding our ongoing measurement, analysis and improvement of service delivery.

Service Desk Features

  • 24/7 bilingual, knowledgeable agents — no scripted responses.
  • ITIL-based incident and request management using the latest tools.
  • SLA Accountability Reports. Customer-defined monthly assessments of our performance.
  • Quality Reporting. Summaries that analyze call volumes and other metrics to show the causes behind fluctuations.
  • Regular Operations Meetings. Your team and ours, reviewing IT changes, process issues and anything that affects service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Let's Connect!

We'd be happy to answer your questions and show you how our Services can help your business.

What our stakeholders say

This last Friday, Feb. 07, together we completed the schedule activities for training, network configuration, network wiring installation, testing and certification, network equipment installation and all devices configuration.

With these activities, Knapp Commissioning will be able to start this Monday, Feb. 10. As for the rest of the devices, as we agreed, will be best for BFG to install when the appropriate tables and the Manager Workbench are installed to avoid damaging them.

We are honored to have worked with such a professional, high quality and hard working team. Looking forward for our next challenge together!

Giovanni Savoca M.

MFC Engineering VP, Takeoff Technologies Inc.

The deployments by BFG has helped us facilitate 54,000,000 prescriptions since the bulk of our roll out. Store OCC is extremely grateful for the contributions made by BFG!

When I took on this project, we had only 133 stores running this application. Working with the good folks at BFG we increased that number to 737 stores.

  • That is 604 stores we did a MAJOR infrastructure upgrade! (DB/Application/middleware/CDR/Cabling/hardware install/network)
  • BFG deployed Accuro (soft & HW) to 633 stores in the course of 5 weeks! – this is unheard of for most organizations.
  • 288 stores span across the remainder of the country is in progress and will be completed before end of year!

Lucien S

Senior Manager Pharmacy & Healthcare


We recently upgraded our store wiring and hub. This involved a team coming in for 5 nights work. I feel it’s important to congratulate the team involved. working here in Shippagan. I think their supervisors should know what great work they do! The 3 techs working my store were Parminder, Raymond and Bharath (BFG). They were very efficient and tidy when they were done. They answered all my questions and were all smiles.

Danny A

North York

I want to thank you all for all your fantastic and hard work this past year in support of me and my team! I would not have made it through the year successfully without your excellent contributions and long hours and again I thank you! I really appreciate all your support!

Donald I

Director, IT Store Implementations


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