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Industries We Serve

We haven’t found a business sector we can’t help. But we specialize in the industries listed below based on our experience and the expertise we have acquired to serve them in ways that are very specific to their niche.

A wide range of industries, a wide variety of business types, sizes and requirements. We serve them all.

Grocery Retail

Recent market shifts change the way consumers interact with grocery stores. Retailers must pivot to meet the new realities of ecommerce with little room for error, while facing more reliance on new and existing in-store technologies.

Enterprise Technology for Grocery Retail

BFG’s reliable, end-to-end, IT installation and support services, can make a significant impact, guiding retailers through this new world and maintain a solid technology environment at all locations. Our electricians can build our new functionality and change what you need. We enable and fully support your hardware automation, and computer hardware — from the store to the datacenter, and everything in between — to keep the business moving.

Pharmacy & Homecare

At 42.92% North America accounts for the largest share of global Pharmacy & Home Care revenue. An increasing geriatric population, advanced healthcare infrastructure, high disposable incomes and more government initiatives fuel the growth.

Empowering Quality Care

BFG helps leading pharmacy and home care organizations maintain and improve their operations by keeping their technology systems up-to-date and available when needed. From planning and installation, to electrical or data cabling, and training and support, our teams provide the technology services that help you achieve excellence in patient care.

Hospitality (Food & Beverage)

As we all look for more convenience and experiences in our lives today, new culinary experiences are a top priority for many. Those trends make food and beverage one of the fastest growing industries.

Reliable IT Systems for Better Customer Service

Many restaurant patrons return to their favorite spot because of the service they receive. So reliable strategizing, deployment and support for a wide variety of complex technology solutions is critical for success. BFG partners with in-house food and beverage IT teams to manage all of their technology platforms.

  • Point-of-sale hardware & peripherals (one site or chain-wide)
  • Mobile tools for sales associates
  • Payment Solutions
  • In-store networks
  • Digital signage
  • Store system virtualization
General Merchandise Retail

Offering their customers everything from housewares to home electronics; toiletries to toys; and countless other non-grocery items that we all use every day, general merchandise retail is one of the fastest evolving technology environments.

Complete IT Installations & Support

That makes having reliable system and electrical installations and support key to the success of their businesses. From pre-planning to follow-up, our teams are experienced in the end-to-end services retailers need, including secure payment processing, back-office capabilities and more.

  • Point-of-sale hardware & peripherals (one site or chain-wide)
  • Self-checkout stations
  • Personal shopper devices
  • Payment Solutions
  • Mobile tools for sales associates
  • In-store networks
  • Digital signage
  • Store system virtualization
Distribution & Supply Chain

While disruption continues to affect warehousing and distribution, consumer demand has never been higher. That places more pressure than usual on you warehousing, inventory and transportation management systems.

Ever Changing Landscape

Expanding and modernizing is the only way to stay competitive. The need for more electrical and data capabilities can be in a state of perpetual change. BFG’s electrical division is the go-to partner for all your needs. Whether it’s a new build, a retrofit or change, we can make it happen!

Be Well Connected

Visibility into all assets, labour, and processes is crucial to a robust supply chain. BFG is a leading enterprise technology provider of software, hardware and services for all areas of distribution and warehousing. We enable and fully support your hardware automation, WMS systems and computer hardware — from the floor to the datacenter and everything in between — to keep your supply chain flowing.

  • Central Service Desk Solutions
  • Laptops and Desktops
  • Mobile devices; Tablets, mobile phones
  • Printers and scanners
  • Office Networks
End User Technology

Office systems are an integral part of most businesses. Among its many advantages, the right technology enables communication, increases productivity, improves morale, attracts talent, creates opportunities and lowers costs. Applying the latest office technology delivers a competitive advantage over those not making the same investments.

Support for Your Digital Transformation

BFG is a leading enterprise technology provider of office technology software, hardware and services for banks, Insurance companies, retailers, restaurants, and pharmacies. We enable and fully support the digital transformation that connects your operations — from the end-user to the datacenter, and everything in between — maximizing uptime and streamlining processes.

  • Central Service Desk Solutions
  • Laptops and desktops
  • Mobile devices, tablets, mobile phones
  • Printers and scanners
  • Office Networks
  • Digital signage
  • Asset Management
  • Onboarding and Offboarding staff, including training

Recent disruptions have made it crucial for manufacturing operations to stabilize their supply chains and workflow. Stable, reliable IT platforms help manufacturers identify and minimize disruptions throughout their business.

Streamline Your Operations

BFG is a leading enterprise technology provider of software, hardware and services for all types of manufacturing. We enable and fully support your hardware automation and computer hardware — from the manufacturing floor to the datacenter, and everything in between — to streamline your business processes.

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What our stakeholders say

This last Friday, Feb. 07, together we completed the schedule activities for training, network configuration, network wiring installation, testing and certification, network equipment installation and all devices configuration.

With these activities, Knapp Commissioning will be able to start this Monday, Feb. 10. As for the rest of the devices, as we agreed, will be best for BFG to install when the appropriate tables and the Manager Workbench are installed to avoid damaging them.

We are honored to have worked with such a professional, high quality and hard working team. Looking forward for our next challenge together!

Giovanni Savoca M.

MFC Engineering VP, Takeoff Technologies Inc.

The deployments by BFG has helped us facilitate 54,000,000 prescriptions since the bulk of our roll out. Store OCC is extremely grateful for the contributions made by BFG!

When I took on this project, we had only 133 stores running this application. Working with the good folks at BFG we increased that number to 737 stores.

  • That is 604 stores we did a MAJOR infrastructure upgrade! (DB/Application/middleware/CDR/Cabling/hardware install/network)
  • BFG deployed Accuro (soft & HW) to 633 stores in the course of 5 weeks! – this is unheard of for most organizations.
  • 288 stores span across the remainder of the country is in progress and will be completed before end of year!

Lucien S

Senior Manager Pharmacy & Healthcare


We recently upgraded our store wiring and hub. This involved a team coming in for 5 nights work. I feel it’s important to congratulate the team involved. working here in Shippagan. I think their supervisors should know what great work they do! The 3 techs working my store were Parminder, Raymond and Bharath (BFG). They were very efficient and tidy when they were done. They answered all my questions and were all smiles.

Danny A

North York

I want to thank you all for all your fantastic and hard work this past year in support of me and my team! I would not have made it through the year successfully without your excellent contributions and long hours and again I thank you! I really appreciate all your support!

Donald I

Director, IT Store Implementations


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