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Asset Management & Logistics Services

Comprehensive Asset and Lifecycle management for all your technology needs. Explore how to get the new hardware you need with the terms you can be happy with.

As a value-added reseller, BFG makes equipment asset management simple for your organization. Our team of experts works with your organization to identify what hardware and software your employees require to accomplish business goals. We then analyze the best options for you and confirm their compatibility, scalability, and availability. If a particular IT asset cannot be sourced on time, our team will find creative alternatives to ensure you have the technology required. We leverage our volume purchasing advantage with large manufacturers, resulting in significant savings to your overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

End to End solutions with the option to custom tailer as needed…


To support the business growth, businesses of all sizes are turning to HAAS (Hardware as a Service) deployments to simplify IT and improve business agility. BFG caters to clients that have limited capital budgets and looking for creative financing options based on 3 years, 5 years and 7 years.



  • Analyze supplier proposals and contracts to select qualified vendor base
  • Develop life-cycle cost analysis to identify cost saving opportunities
  • Develop meaningful service levels and associated remedies to ensure supplier performance
  • Ensure product is procured at the right cost and time to achieve project budget and timeline
  • Manage new product launch, warranty services and end of life product support


  • Warehousing & Inventory Management
  • Order Packing & Fulfilment
  • Value Added Services
  • Certified Technician Services
  • Transportation & Shipping Coordination
  • Order Tracking & Status Communication
  • Returns Processing & Reverse Logistics
  • International Logistics & Customs Expertise

Asset Tracking | Disposal | Recycling

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process of ensuring an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed correctly.  Simply making sure that the valuable items, tangible or intangible, in your organization are tracked and being used.

Asset Tacking

HAAS... (Hardware as a Service)

HAAS is essentially leasing of your technology with a service program. It’s one of those ideas that, once you think about it, you wonder why you would do things any other way.

Manage Costs, Increase Stability

BFG can drastically reduce your one-time capital expenditures with the HAAS model. These savings can be transferred to your operating expenditures improving your cash flow.


Always State-of-the-Art Equipment

You no longer need to worry about your technology falling behind. It will always be the best available, and properly maintained. Exactly what your business needs.

Streamlines Operations

This one keeps on giving. A single vendor/contract that includes analysis, sourcing, procurement, implementation, training, troubleshooting and support. All of the traditional choices for technology are all minimized or eliminated, so you can focus on revenue generating opportunities.

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Find out how our history, experience, services, national footprint and innovation will improve your IT strategy, design roll-out and support.

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Why BFG for HAAS?

It starts with over 30 years experience working with leading companies across Canada.
Then we focus on your business, its objectives and what it needs to achieve and eclipse them.

Centralized planning and management of all technology initiatives

One point of contact for all your solutions, from anywhere in Canada.

National Software deployment and support

Maintain corporate configuration guidelines at every location across the country.

Remote server management and end-point support

Save the costs of on-site support.

Procurement of all existing and future hardware assets with a flexible refresh schedule

One call to BFG and all your current and future hardware requirements are fulfilled.

National service and support (break-fix)

Performed by experienced, fully-equipped, company-trained technician’s (no subcontractors!).

National hardware implementation services (project management, installations)

Consistent installation, implementation and training across the country.

Let's Connect!

We'd be happy to answer your questions and show you how our Services can help your business.

What our stakeholders say

This last Friday, Feb. 07, together we completed the schedule activities for training, network configuration, network wiring installation, testing and certification, network equipment installation and all devices configuration.

With these activities, Knapp Commissioning will be able to start this Monday, Feb. 10. As for the rest of the devices, as we agreed, will be best for BFG to install when the appropriate tables and the Manager Workbench are installed to avoid damaging them.

We are honored to have worked with such a professional, high quality and hard working team. Looking forward for our next challenge together!

Giovanni Savoca M.

MFC Engineering VP, Takeoff Technologies Inc.

The deployments by BFG has helped us facilitate 54,000,000 prescriptions since the bulk of our roll out. Store OCC is extremely grateful for the contributions made by BFG!

When I took on this project, we had only 133 stores running this application. Working with the good folks at BFG we increased that number to 737 stores.

  • That is 604 stores we did a MAJOR infrastructure upgrade! (DB/Application/middleware/CDR/Cabling/hardware install/network)
  • BFG deployed Accuro (soft & HW) to 633 stores in the course of 5 weeks! – this is unheard of for most organizations.
  • 288 stores span across the remainder of the country is in progress and will be completed before end of year!

Lucien S

Senior Manager Pharmacy & Healthcare


We recently upgraded our store wiring and hub. This involved a team coming in for 5 nights work. I feel it’s important to congratulate the team involved. working here in Shippagan. I think their supervisors should know what great work they do! The 3 techs working my store were Parminder, Raymond and Bharath (BFG). They were very efficient and tidy when they were done. They answered all my questions and were all smiles.

Danny A

North York

I want to thank you all for all your fantastic and hard work this past year in support of me and my team! I would not have made it through the year successfully without your excellent contributions and long hours and again I thank you! I really appreciate all your support!

Donald I

Director, IT Store Implementations


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