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End User Technology Services

Complete service delivery designed to lower costs and improve your productivity 

Leading-edge end-user technology is only as good as the service operations supporting it. We deliver a customizable service model that meets your standards and service levels, or better. With quick access to approved devices and accessories, we reduce downtime and stress levels while meeting your organizational goals. We are your technical one-stop-shop.



Bi-lingual National Service Desk & Dispatch

BFG specialists on-site at client locations


SLA success rate

service calls completed annually

Why Choose BFG?

Industry leading service experience, bringing the latest technology to customers with outstanding reliability and support.

Tailored Services

Your BFG service operations package is tailored to your specific requirements and goals with the flexibility to efficiently scale as needed.

Complementary IT

Need to expand your in-house IT team? You can extend or modify your existing team with qualified, and experienced BFG IT Distribution specialists.


Virtual Support

Reliable, cost-effective remote IT support provided by live specialists when you need it! Our specialists can correct most issues without the need for an in-person visit.


Concierge Support 

The ultimate in service and support, our Concierge-level Services are provided at your location for all essential end-user needs, including on-site walk-in centres and dispatched desktop visits.


Mobile Device Support

We resolve any mobile device issues for tablets and smartphones. Our skilled specialists work with your telecom provider so you don’t have to.


Nationwide End User Service

BFG maintains company-trained service operations teams (no sub-contractors!) across Canada, equipped and ready for fast, professional service delivery.

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Find out how our history, experience, services, national footprint and innovation will improve your IT strategy, design roll-out and support.

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BFG's End User Technology Services

Our Technicians are available during an extended business day with virtual support available anytime. We offer a full suite of options to meet all of you needs.


What We Service

This is just a partial checklist of the equipment and systems we service and support:


  • Switches, routers, and wireless network devices
  • Telephone Systems
  • UPS Systems

Office Technology

  • Window desktops & Laptops
  • Mac desktops & Laptops
  • Tablet devices
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computer accessories
office technology

Office Software & Services

  • Workstation Reimaging / Configuration
  • Laptop Reimaging / Configuration
  • Microsoft Patches
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Apple Software and Patches
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Application software installation
  • Anti-Virus software

Let's Connect!

We'd be happy to answer your questions and show you how our Services can help your business.

What our clients say

We had a situation today where, because of a failure with the Windows update one of our machines became inoperable. BFG were able to determine the root cause and recover the data on the machine.

This PC held not only sensitive, but also critical information that had taken weeks to compile, the loss of that data would have been a major setback to our company. It is this kind of service, and support that makes dealing with both of them a pleasure.

We constantly utilize BFG skill sets, they make an effort to help whoever they can. I wish that we could deal with individuals like this in more areas of our business.

John D. W

Director, Financial Systems


I want to thank you for your top level IT support and service this week. Incredible.

I was impressed with the addressing of my request for MS Office Project. This process was exemplary and took practically 15-20 minutes in total from start to finish, even with all the emails and approvals. And I had expected it to reasonably take much longer. Matt (BFG) – additional, your support on everything from getting me a phone to the computer has been exceptional from the start too.

I realize that all IT challenges are not this simple, and the group supports many employees across a large organization with varying degrees of needs and systems, but I applaud you for your continued outstanding work within our group.

Phil W, B.Sc., M.B.A.

Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Cannabis

North York

My experience with Janice was nothing short of AMAZING. She was patient and made me feel super comfortable. She was ultra accommodating even though I had to leave for an appointment in the middle of our install. She was a pleasure and joy to speak with and is clearly very good at her job. She gave me tips on what to look for if the software didn’t behave the way I hoped (based on her previous experience).

Jennifer L.

Project Manager, Payments & Services Technology


I was prompted to do an update to my laptop and restart my computer first thing in the morning. I did this and my computer didn’t work. I went down to the inhouse IT and the guys were helpful but had to consult somebody higher up about my computer issue. They called Chris (BFG) who has been our “go to guy” to consistently fix all of our issues. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call letting me know that my loaner was up and running, but he was also able to fix my laptop and was able to save my information.

His demeanor is professional and he just goes above and beyond. He continues to do exceptional work and deserves to be recognized.



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