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5 Benefits Of Installing Electric Car Chargers

First, if electric car chargers are on your corporate ‘to do’ list, you’re already way ahead of the competition. If electric car chargers are not on your ‘to do’ list, that’s OK too. You still have time to beat the competition to it.

Why are we talking about electric vehicle (EV) car charger installation in terms of competing in your marketplace? Because, of the many benefits of installing EV stations, the competitive advantages they offer, on many levels, are perhaps the least understood benefits.

The Top 5 Reasons to Install EV Chargers

If the parking around your place of business is open to the public, like at a shopping mall, it probably already has EV chargers installed. And that alone should help you understand the emerging expectations of your employees, customers and suppliers.

But rapidly increasing demand from those who use your parking lots is just one reason to install EV chargers.

Government Incentives

All levels of government encourage EV use because it helps them reach emissions targets. It also reduces the costs associated with cleaning up air pollution and addressing its health effects. So many governments offer incentives to fund programs that promote EV use.

In Ontario, the provincial government instituted the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP) in 2018. The goal of WEVCIP is to reduce the anxiety employees have recharging their vehicles while at work. Under the program, building owners and property managers can get an up to 80% reimbursement for the cost of installing EV charging stations (to a $7,500 maximum). 

EV Chargers can Pay for Themselves

Again in Ontario, the provincial government allows businesses to charge a users’ fee for EV drivers to charge their vehicles. The fee can cover the costs beyond what’s covered by the WEVCIP. But, as an ongoing source of revenue, it can help ease many many other parking lot maintenance and repair costs.

Get LEED Points

EV charging stations can help you earn LEED points from the Canadian government’s Green Building Council. In addition to many other incentives, LEED points help raise the profile of your business and property. 

Support Your Brand & Corporate Green Initiatives

Many businesses tout their environmental protection programs. From recycling to energy-saving lighting, all help your brand’s reputation of environmental stewardship. EV charging stations are one of the most visible signs of your corporate dedication to supporting a healthier environment for your employees, customers and visitors.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

This is the point we started with. When your customers see EV charging stations, even customers who don’t drive electric cars, they immediately know your business is about more than just profit. If you demonstrate an active initiative to address environmental concerns, you have a corporate conscience. 

But it goes beyond customer appeal. Your suppliers too, who are increasingly investing in EVs to reduce costs, will appreciate working with you. And, the competition for top talent has never been stronger. Millennials and younger generations an increasingly large portion of the workforce. More than previous generations, they will look at your company’s environmental record when choosing a place to work. 

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