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5 Benefits of Investing in LED Lighting

You probably have invested in LED lighting at home. But, why do we say ‘invested?’ Because switching to LED lighting can cost more per bulb, but, like any good investment, the extra cost pays off in many ways. And the same is true for investing in LED lighting for businesses.

The following are just some of the benefits of making the switch to LED lighting.

1. Cut Energy Costs

Imagine saving 50% on the cost of lighting your business inside and out. That’s the approximate cost savings LED light can produce. And you may get even greater saving if you can take advantage of LED lighting’s ability to be aimed, unlike incandescent bulbs, which are omnidirectional.

2. Reduce Replacement Costs

LED lighting lasts 30 to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and three to five times longer than fluorescents. There’s an added cost benefit here too. You will lower the maintenance costs needed to replace the bulbs.

3. Lower Costs for Outdoor Lighting

Extremely durable, LED’s operate well in extreme outdoor conditions. They perform well through temperature shifts, impacts and vibrations. Their directional capabilities make them excellent security lights. And, instead of burning out suddenly, they fade slowly over time. So you will never be left ‘in the dark’ due to bulb failure.

4. Not Affected by On/Off Cycles

Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs can power through on/off cycles, even ‘flashing,’ with no reduction in life span. So go ahead, flick the switch all you want!

5. They Support Your Brand

Increasingly, businesses and consumers want to work with ‘green’ companies. Yet one more way you can get rewarded for your investment in LED lighting is by making in part of your marketing and advertising messages to show your support for the environment and reduction of non-renewable energy sources.

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