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Should You Outsource Your IT Project Management?

You can’t be blamed for wondering, especially if you have an in-house Project Management Office (PMO), why you would ever outsource any project management requirements. However, internal IT projects may be the exception. Here’s why:

IT Expertise

Your in-house PMs are skilled in managing projects that help your company meet its obligation to its customers. In other words, they facilitate what you do as a business. But internal IT projects require different expertise. Yes, skilled PMs should be able to manage any project, regardless of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it. But there’s another side to the ‘expertise’ equation. When you outsource to IT project management specialists, you will get a level of technical expertise that’s difficult to match. For IT, a savvy understanding of the systems, networks and communication can make a big difference in the efficiency of the project management.

Project Speed

Anyone who has endured a new IT rollout, or corporate move to a new location, will probably not remember it fondly. Like getting a tooth pulled, the sooner it’s over, the better. Except, in this case, there is a drain on your productivity, morale and customer satisfaction for as long as the project lasts. So the sooner it’s over, the less it will cost.

Business Focus

If you devote your PMO resources to an internal IT project for which they may not be ideally suited, it does more than slow down the process. It takes away from doing what your company is in business to do — keeping your customers well served.

Budget Forecasting

Time and money. You track them both on every project. Some go over, some come in under. Wouldn’t it be great if you could consistently predict the precise final dollar cost and timeline for your projects? Outsourcing your IT projects let’s you know what the end cost in time and money will be before the project even begins. How cool is that?

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