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What Are COE Services & Why They Matter?

You’ve probably heard of corporate COE services, or Centres of Excellence. But if you’re not sure of what they are, or their benefits, this article will help. Your business may not benefit from and in-house COE services. But it’s very likely to benefit from choosing partners who have Centres of Excellence to improve the products and services you invest in.

What is A Centre of Excellence

According to Wikipedia:
A center of excellence, also called excellence center, is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.

At BFG, among those roles and more, our Centre of Excellence helps us brainstorm, develop, set-up and test new custom solutions, equipment, upgrades or anything else we need to learn more about. In doing so, we find out what equipment and systems are needed, we develop training programs, streamline configurations and implementation, and create support protocols.

How BFG’s Centre of Excellence Helps Our Clients

Our COE helps us customize and improve the products, services and solutions we offer our clients. But they can enjoy many more benefits that go beyond our offering.

Flexible, Future-Ready Solutions

Like almost everything else, the only constant in digital transformation is change. Sometimes technology solutions may be obsolete before they can be implemented. Our COE allows us to accelerate our R&D processes to not only deliver your solution faster, but to transform it as new opportunities present themselves.

Gives You Instant Proficiency in New Technologies

New tech is wonderful, except for the time it takes to get up to speed on it. The BFG COE is like a playground for new tech. We can test it, try to break it, put it through your real-world environments and more, all before you spend a dime on downtime to do the same.

Exceptional Performance

Our COE means your new solutions fit your business and existing systems perfectly. It has all the right functionality, and nothing you don’t need. It’s as close to plug ‘n’ play as you can get, and it’s ready to be supported. It does everything you expect of it, no more and no lees. How do we know? Because we put it through all your specifications for performance in our Center of Excellence.

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