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What to Do Before Calling Technical Support

Is the stereotype of the busy technical support team that doesn’t have time to answer calls true in your business? More and more demands are placed by businesses on newer and newer technologies. Your tech support team not only has to stay on top of all the innovations, but they have to implement the ones you adopt, and keep the hardware, software and network up-to-date, safeguarded and running.

So when someone calls because their monitor isn’t working, it may not be the highest priority for tech support.

However, there are many things you can try if you have a computer problem that will not only mean you don’t have to call tech support, but you’ll probably fix the problem faster than if they did have time for to take your call.

Restart Your PC

This may be the easiest and fastest fix for many computer problems. As new software applications place different demands on computers, operating systems have a higher chance of hitting a road block. But restarting gives them a new start and the problem very often goes away.

Check Your Network/Internet Connection

Whether you’re working on your PC, your internal network or a private cloud, it can all seem lost if the connection hiccups. Before doing anything else, check your network connections. Very often, this can be done by asking nearby coworkers if their connection is down.

Power Down

Sometimes a simple operating system restart doesn’t do the trick. In those cases, try shutting down the system before unplugging the power supply. Power back up by first reconnecting the power supply and turning the hardware on.

Check Cable Connections

Sometimes you put the plug back in the wall and… nothing. Wow, you really have a problem now. Your workstation isn’t even starting to power up. Yes, you might have a big problem, — or the power cord might be loose in the back of the hardware. Similarly, your CPU may be humming along nicely but here’s nothing on the monitor. Again, it’s either a really big problem, but more likely the monitor’s power cable and/or video cable is loose.

Consider an MSP

Ok, this one isn’t quite as simple as turning your computer off and on. But it could be the answer to your company’s technical support backlog. Not only will the managed services provider ensure that your calls are answered promptly, but they can also take care of all your IT requirements.

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