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Why it’s Time to Consider Drive-Thru Ordering for Your Restaurant

If you have a “eat-in” restaurant, you may feel that a typical drive-thru ordering system isn’t an option. But the issues that every restaurant has faced over the past few years means it’s time to consider ways for your business to adapt to the new normal. 

What many restaurateurs don’t realize is that drive-thru ordering doesn’t always take the shape of the traditional fast-food drive-thru model. Online ordering, on-premise QR code scanning, and even sales staff with POS tablets, are all ways to better serve customers who don’t want to eat-in.

With all that in mind, here are just a few more reasons for your sit-down restaurant to consider a drive-thru ordering system.

A New Source of Customers

Many of your customers are still hesitant to be in close proximity to groups of other people. Others may have grown to like the idea of having eat-in restaurant food at home or in the office. In any case, your ability to accommodate them is all the reason they need to become a customer.

Better Customer Service

In addition to catering to their preferences of where to enjoy your food, people who order online or on-premise for take-out orders also appreciate the time they save. Even your eat-in customers will make note of the fact that they don’t necessarily need to make the commitment of parkling and sitting down to enjoy your dishes.

Increase Capacity

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy high demand, then you also know the heartache of seeing customers go elsewhere because they don’t want to wait. Your drive-thru ordering system can not only keep those customers from leaving, perhaps forever, but they may just spread the word to others. 

Makes You Better Prepared for Disruptions

The pandemic is an experience no restaurant owner wants to repeat. Not only will a drive-thru system make your operation more resilient to future pandemics, it can help you handle other disruptions. For example, while having a group reserve your entire seating area for a function is an enviable sale, it frustrates other customers who are turned away. But if you have a drive-thru system, you can still take their orders.

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